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Natural Ways to Reduce Skin Melanin and Look Fierce All Year Long

Natural Ways to Reduce Skin Melanin and Look Fierce All Year Long

Chemicals are not sexy, but fierce flawless skin is. For anyone that suffers from dark spots, aging spots, acne scars, or hyperpigmentation, getting healthy skin naturally might seem impossible. But there are ways to get beautiful, even skin naturally by reducing melanin, without using harsh chemicals on the face.

When it comes to skin, melanin is the pigment which is primarily responsible for the complexion of your skin. The more melanin, the darker your skin will be. Conversely, less melanin will give your skin a fairer, more even complexion. Variable levels of melanin in the body can be good, but having too much can be harmful. While melanin is responsible for helping to protect the skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun, it can also give the skin a mottled look or cause the skin to look too dark. Excess melanin can be caused by a slew of things: liver problems, changes in hormone levels, malnutrition, sun exposure, vitamin deficiency, and adrenal disorders, among other things.

Here are some natural ways that you can reduce the amount of melanin in your skin for a flawless look all year long:

  • Increase Vitamin C intake – Eat more foods that contain Vitamin C. Here is a brief list: any citrus fruit (oranges, limes, lemons, tangerines), strawberries, black currants, mangos, and a whole list of vegetables including peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, and collars greens. The more you eat, the more Vitamin C you will intake, especially if you eat the fruits and vegetables raw.
  • Increase Vitamin A intake – Foods such as turnip greens, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, apricots, and pumpkin, among many others. Milk, butter, cheese, and whole eggs are also ideal sources for Vitamin A. The synthetic form of Vitamin A, Retin-A is utilized in the exfoliation of dead skins and helps promote new cells. Again, aim for raw foods. Cooking can destroy the natural nutrients.
  • Avoid UV exposure – Everyone likes to go outside, but try to avoid direct sunlight. Direct UV exposure leads to an increase in the production of melanin. Wear clothes that will cover your neck, legs, and your arms. Wear shoes that protect and cover your feet. If you can, a hat, gloves, and sunglasses are also useful, though not always convenient or available.
  • Use sunscreen lotion – The higher the SPF (sun protection factor) the better. Make sure to check the SPF of any sunscreen you buy, as many are too low to actually be of any use. Cover any exposed skin and be extra careful to re-apply if you plan to be in the sun longer than normal.
  • Increase Vitamin E intake – While Vitamin E doesn’t reduce the production of melanin directly, it does reduce the over-pigmentation that excess melanin can cause. Cereals are often fortified in Vitamin E, but you can also get it from natural oils, mangos, butter, margarine, eggs, yams, spinach, and broccoli (again, among other sources).

You will be surprised to find out how much a diet rich in vitamins is not only healthier for you in the long-term, but that it is also capable of giving your skin a healthier complexion over time. Keep this in mind the next time you make a trip to your local grocery store.

Because natural beauty is sexy. And Pretty Biznez is committed to helping our clients #staypretty, naturally.

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