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Welcome to the Glow Up!

Get beautiful, healthy, glowing skin so you can be your most confident self.

Like all great brands, Pretty Biznez Skincare started with a need.

Our founder and CEO—Ambi Henry—struggled with several skin conditions, including

severe hereditary hyperpigmentation around her eyes and cheekbones.

After trying many over-the-counter solutions and wasting thousands of dollars on products that made promises they never fulfilled, Ambi decided to create her own solution.

Multiple rounds of research, consultations with experts, and testing in her own lab led to the creation of the Pretty Biznez PB Cream.

Today, Pretty Biznez treats your skin from the inside out with Topicals, Supplements, and Sunscreen.

Why Choose Pretty Biznez?

Formulated to address your needs

Our products are scientifically formulated to target specific skin conditions.

Proven to work

We have a long list of satisfied clients. See results.

An investment in your happiness

Our products will help you achieve healthy glowing skin and an increase in confidence.

At Pretty Biznez, we'll get to the core of your skin care needs to recommend the right products for you. Along the way, we'll teach you everything you need to know to take great care of your skin.

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Discover your happiest most confident self with healthy glowing skin.