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sunscreen for dark skin

  • The ABCs of Summer Skincare: A Royal Guide to Maintaining that Skinsual Glow

    SPF is a must, whether your skin is dark and bronze or pale like rose gold. You should be wearing sunscreen every day as part of your summer skincare routine. As a skincare expert, this is one of the most important things I stress to Pretty Biznez customers.  View Post
  • Skin Toning: 5 Tips for Uneven Tones

    As we go about our busy lives, our skin takes on the role of pushing past pollutants, UV rays, makeup, and hormones. Sometimes these and other factors result in the hyper-pigmentation of our skin. Every day it seems there are new makeup formulas that allow us to even out anything that we see as a... View Post
  • Best Skin Care Routine: A Royal Skin Care Routine for Clear, Glowing Skin

    No matter how on point your makeup game is, if what’s underneath is less than queenly, all your hard work every day is really for nothing. Your skin deserves a royal skin care routine that does more than hide what’s on the surface. So why not try to nurture your pretty so that, makeup or not, you... View Post