Natural Skin Care: The Benefits of Kojic Acid

Natural Skin Care: The Benefits of Kojic Acid

Pretty Biznez became a reality because there were no products on the market—over the counter or otherwise—that could help me with my hereditary skin condition. Nothing helped, not even a visit to the dermatologist.

When I started Pretty Biznez years ago, my goal of helping myself grew into helping my customers find their inner King or Queen. But from the start, I wanted to do things right, and that meant creating a formula derived from all natural ingredients that would unlock the natural glow that I believe exists inside everyone. In my search to create this beauty elixir, I’ve come across many powerful, natural ingredients, but one that has stood out in all my research is kojic acid.

What Is Kojic Acid?

There are a lot of naturally occurring ingredients that help with various skin problems, and kojic acid is one of them. This powerful little acid comes from several varieties of mushrooms, which are known for their healthy skin benefits. How kojic acid works is pretty simple if we don’t get too technical: when applied to the skin, it inhibits the formation of tyrosine, an essential amino acid in melanin production.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with melanin. It’s what creates the wide ranges of beautiful skin tones that we see across the world. But sometimes our skin can go crazy with melanin production—certain areas more than others. This is what is known as hyperpigmentation. When you have hyperpigmentation, your skin can appear blotchy and uneven in tone. Adding a product that contains kojic acid to your beauty regimen can help even that tone.

How Kojic Acid Can Help You Get Pretty Skin

In addition to being a powerful skin toning ingredient, kojic acid also has several other beneficial qualities. It also has anti-microbial properties, which help your skin fight off serval strains of bacteria common in acne. Because of its skin-toning effects, kojic acid can even help those who have had severe acne in the past erase the scarring effect that blemishes leave behind.

Kojic acid can also help reduce the appearance of melasma, dark patches that can appear after overexposure to the sun. For women, melasma can also be brought on by changes in hormones, for instance during pregnancy. This skin condition often appears on the cheeks and forehead, so managing it is essential if you want to maximize your beauty.

All of these benefits swayed me to include kojic acid in both my Beauty Cream and Luminous Serum. Combined with other natural ingredients like aloe, mulberry, and shea butter, these products are not only effective, they’re actually good for you, too!

Now that you know the benefits, are you ready to add kojic acid to your beauty regimen? Become part of the dynasty and claim your rightful title of King or Queen.

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