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Holiday Skincare Survival Guide—Get the Royal Treatment

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year! Fun parties, delicious food—who wouldn’t love that? There’s just one problem. All of the drinking and eating we do at those parties is terrible for the skin. Want skincare that keeps your skin glowing like royalty?

Try these quick tips.

Dull Skin

Dull skin is a tell-tale sign of sleep deprivation, something that all of us experience at some point during the holidays. Whether it’s because you were up late waiting for Santa or because you stayed at that party a bit too late, one thing’s for sure. Your skin needs a pick-me-up, and that means ramped up skincare.

Quick Tip #1: Your skin needs hydration! Apply Pretty Biznez Pretty Plus Tax extra strength formula to any problem areas before going to bed. Doing this allows for more saturated hydration and gives those royal ingredients more time to do their magic.

Skincare for Breakouts

The stress, the increase in fat and salt intake in your diet, the layers of foundation that you apply to get dolled up for all the soirees—all of these factors and more combine to create the perfect breeding ground for nasty breakouts! Stop those blemishes before they start.

Quick Tip #2: To prevent breakouts, use gently exfoliating Pretty Biznez Koji Soap and facial brush, followed by your favorite strength of Pretty Biznez cream.

Puffy Eyes

The holidays are a time to celebrate. But that means drinking more alcohol and eating more salty foods than usual. This causes water retention like nothing else, which can lead to puffy looking eyes. If you don’t want to look like you just woke up all month long, try this.

Quick Tip #3: After waking in the morning, try a gentle fingertip massage under the eyes. Doing this for a few minutes will help relieve the swelling. Another way to prevent puffy eyes is to slightly elevate your head while sleeping.

Dryness from Head to (Mistle)Toe

Even in warmer climates, winter is a dry season. Depending on what part of the world you live in, you might be going from the freezing air outside to the extra warm air indoors. Drastic changes in temperature like this can zap the moisture right out of your skin. To avoid getting dry, flaky skin, try this skincare tip.

Quick Tip #4: Increase the amount of moisture in your home by investing in a humidifier. When used in conjunction with your favorite Pretty Biznez cream, you’ll be sure to have luscious, smooth skin all winter long.

Looking to rock those holiday parties this year with flawless skin? Complete your Pretty Biznez order today. Become part of the skincare Dynasty of beautiful, glowing skin.

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