• UV hand protection gloves
  • UV hand protection gloves
  • UV hand protection gloves

UV hand protection gloves

UV hand protection glove is designed to offer efficiency as well as protection to your hands while you enjoy stylish gel manicures. The very stylish fingerless glove design makes it chic and functionally favorable. We have designed it to protect your hands from harm and protect your skin from premature aging, thinning, wrinkles, and other problems caused by UV light lamps or manicure dryers. We want you to treat your hand skin like you would pamper the skin on your face. 

  1. Our UV protection glove is made of soft spandex fabric with 85% Nylon 15% Spandex, which makes it extremely comfortable and breathable with moisture transfer that aids to transport the heat and sweat - to the exterior of the gloves where more efficient evaporation happens. This protects you from feeling sultry during a lamp manicure. The material we use to make these gloves is top-quality spandex that provides benefits like elasticity, comfort, flexibility and breathability and the best thing is that one size fits all kinds of hands.
  2. These gloves are impervious and Non-pilling which makes them perfect anti-UV gloves. Fingers are individually stitched which provides the glove with great flexibility and the ability to move the hand freely.
  3. The extended part of the glove plays a role in protecting the skin of the wrist from UV rays and sun damage alike.
  4. This design also makes it impossible for the glove to deform and helps it maintain its integrity and shape. We especially use interlocking seams which helps extends the lifetime of the glove, making it a wonderful investment for our customers.
  5. Our gloves are washable and recyclable. You can choose to either machine or hand wash as both are acceptable. Being machine washable saves your washing time.
  6. The best part is that UV protection factor does not wash off when the glove is washed. Rather we recommend washing it before the first use so the lint won’t stick to your newly manicured nails.
  7. Our product is safe and reliable, multifunctional and very convenient to use UV shield glove that can be used for many scenarios, including hiking, driving, and doing any other outdoor activity.
  • $ 20.00