• One Complexion Correction Mitten ( very rough)
  • One Complexion Correction Mitten ( very rough)

One Complexion Correction Mitten ( very rough)


You probably may have heard of complexion correction pads. They’re just about as straightforward as they sound. Take an absorptive fabric pad, soak it in water, or complementing skincare products like brightening moisturizers and vitamin serums and what not, and you got a neat pad. Not bad right? But what if we told you we could do it even better?

What if we could improve the concept the way Korean and Chinese skincare experts have. By making it an active product rather than the passive pads, boosting its action with nothing but warm water, and turning it into a mitten. You read that right. A mitten. For your entire body! We did say we were absolutely big on exfoliation. And if you didn’t believe how serious we were about it before, now you do. 

Introducing a product popular in Chinese and Korean skincare routines and now making its way to you, the Pretty Biznez Complexion Correction Mittens.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Give your body the perfect spa treatment with this very strong fabric of our mittens that literally abrade away the layer of dead skin cells and debris on your skin. 
  • Gentle yet thorough abrasion ensures all the dead cells and debris is cleaned off with no damage to even the most delicate of skin. 
  • Cleanse your body through and through with our complexion correction mittens and their tough and rough viscose fabric, that takes the brunt of all your exfoliating and cleansing work. 
  • It’s like a transformation chamber where with amazingly visible change when you see your freshly glowing and relatively brightened skin emerge from beneath the darker dead cell layers. 
  • You will be left smitten for our mittens when you see your skin emerging softer, full of new life. And all it took was some warm water. 

Directions for Use

It really could not be any simpler. hop into your warm bath, soak up one of our Complexion Correction Mittens and wear it like a glove. Then just rub it over your skin in circular motions, intermittently washing off the collections of debris and dead cells.  

However, we do advise caution as breached skin like cuts and wounds should not be exposed to the abrasive action of the mitten. Beyond that, enjoy the spa!


  • $ 10.00