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  • Shed That Old Skin This Year: Tips for Skin Exfoliation

    How do you get rid of that flaky, ashy skin? A regular moisturizing regimen with Pretty Biznez will help, but skin exfoliation is key. Here are some tips for skin exfoliation to make sure you keep that soft, smooth, glowing skin. View Post
  • 6 Tips for Flawless Radiant Skin in 2017

    We’re already 2 weeks into the new year and your skin is probably tingling, literally, with all of the changes you still want to accomplish. Which means it’s the perfect time to focus on your skin and get it looking flawless and radiant for the rest of 2017. A few simple tips and tricks can chang... View Post
  • 5 Beauty Resolutions to Help You Stay Pretty in 2017

    The New Year is the perfect time to make your beauty resolutions so you can keep your skin looking sexy. No two people are the same, so instead of trying to list the best beauty products to test on yourself in 2017, I wanted to do something that would help everyone stay pretty. In order to do tha... View Post