Skin Care for Acne: 4 Zit-Zapping Tips

We’ve all had to deal with acne as one point or another. But if you have to constantly worry about skin care for acne, it can be difficult to feel like the king or queen that you really are. If you’re sick of dealing with acne and dark spots left behind after your blemishes disappear, take a look at these four tips.

What Kind of Acne Do You Have?

First things first—what kind of acne do you have? Do you have primarily whiteheads, or do your zits look red and irritated?

If you’re dealing with whiteheads, it’s probably because you haven’t been exfoliating enough. Whiteheads form because dead skin cells build up on the surface of your face and clog your pores. When this happens, the oils that your body naturally produces build up inside those clog pores and become zits.

On the other hand, if your zits are red and inflamed, the cause could be hormonal. This is why so many teenagers have what seems like uncontrollable acne. But hormone imbalance also happens to adults—kings and queens alike! If you’re stressed or you’re not getting enough sleep, your hormone levels could be thrown out of whack.

And ladies, you’ve probably noticed that you get breakouts right before your period. That’s because your estrogen goes into hibernation for a bit, leaving your testosterone to rule your skin.

Don’t Pick or Pop Your Acne!

You know this. Whatever you do, refrain from picking or popping your pimples. Not only can messing with your zits spread bacteria and lead to more breakouts, you might end up with permanent scarring.

Consider Your Diet

Another way to strengthen your defenses and improve your skin care for acne is to take a look at your diet. Do you love to eat dairy? Sorry, bad news. Dairy products like cheese and milk contain hormones, most of them androgens, which can lead to more frequent breakouts. Also consider cutting back on processed foods. White bread, regular pasta, and white rice increase the likelihood of acne forming. It’s thought that this happens because your body quickly converts foods like these into insulin. Whatever you do, cut back on your consumption of process sugar in all its forms.

Pretty Biznez and Skin Care for Acne

Many of the Pretty Biznez products that you know and love are a great addition to your cleansing and exfoliating routine. Our Beauty Cream and Luminous Serum are both gentle on skin and help fight discoloration from acne. The Beauty Cream is especially good for calming skin irritation caused by breakouts. When used as directed, our Pretty Biznez spin brush will exfoliate even the roughest, toughest patches of skin. We also offer our Ultra and Dual Skinsual Face & Body Bars to help you remove black heads and embedded dirt.

Are you ready to say goodbye to acne for good? Become part of the dynasty with skin care for acne from Pretty Biznez.

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