How to Hydrate Your Skin: 4 Ways to Beat the Heat

Keeping your skin hydrated is critical during the summer time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked what the best way to keep skin from getting dried out and flaky during the warm summer months. What I usually tell folks is that the answer differs from person to person. However, there are a few surefire ways to improve the look and feel of your skin and protect it from sun and wind damage. 

Want to keep that skin looking delectable the rest of summer? Try these four tips to beat the heat: 

Drink Water like It’s Nobody’s Business 

When the thermometer reads in the triple digits, you’re losing water through sweat. While you might not think that a little perspiration means much to your body’s ecosystem, more specifically, your skin’s health, even a little bit can mean dehydration. With that in mind, you should be drinking enough water to replenish what you lose from the heat. Depending on how much time you spend outside, you might need to drink anywhere from eight to ten or more glasses of water a day. 

To get yourself to drink the water you need, always keep a bottle handy at work and at home. If you need a bit of motivation, try adding some strawberries or cucumber. 

Eat Water-Rich Foods 

Speaking of fruit, you can also keep your skin hydrated by eating delicious water-rich foods. Not only do foods like watermelon, raspberries, and kiwi replenish your water supply to keep your skin from drying out—they also give you essential vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to keep looking luscious. 


Even if you’re applying moisturizers and keeping your fluids at good levels, your skin can still look dry if you don’t exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation is just a fancy word for getting rid of the dead skin cells that accumulate on the top layer of your skin. Yuck. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of that? 

Find Products that Work for You 

Your skin is as unique as you are. That means that a skin care product that works for someone else might not work for you. In order to find what your skin needs in terms of skin treatment, try starting with a moisturizer and a hydrating mask for your face and then branch out and try some different products if those don’t do the trick. 

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