The Woman Behind the Brand
Two years ago my reality was only a dream. Like many of you out there with various skin conditions I too was seeking a solution for hereditary hyperpigmentation around my eyes and along my cheekbones. All my efforts with over the counter products which claimed to be able to correct my flaws were all but useless. I then turned to a dermatologist which was also to no avail; it seemed nothing could help my cause. Shortly after, I took off on a mission to come up with something that would actually work; I turned my kitchen into a lab and many hours of research later I concocted what is now known as ‘Ambi Pretty Biznez’. I began testing the product on myself and not until people started approaching me asking what I had been doing differently and if they could have some did I actually take myself seriously. 
From the very beginning my emphasis was creating something all natural, safe but yet effective. My sister and mother who also suffered from the hereditary marks around the eyes and along the cheek area were my first guinea pigs alongside myself. They both used the cream and were completely satisfied with the results. Needless to say I continued to use my cream and my own personal transformation began taking place, as my skin cleared my confidence increased and a new me was born. This was the beginning of the end; A new woman, Amba arose from the ashes; fearless, confident and bold. Bold enough to take on the world barefaced that is.
I remember the first day I reluctantly gave a jar of my sought after concoction to my first two clients. A few weeks passed and they were asking for more, not only for themselves but for others as well. One friend who is also a long standing client believed in my product so much that she tagged my social media account under her picture giving me credit for her luminous glow; within minutes I had a slew of new friend requests and if that wasn’t enough she went on to make a Instagram video applying the cream and that’s when the orders came rushing in. This took me by surprise because I had no clue that so many people, both men and women were in the same boat as me and were seeking something that worked. I quickly began putting processes into place to be able to meet the demands of my potential clients and to date I am proud to say I have supplied Canada, the United Kingdom, various Caribbean islands, West Africa and every state in the continental U.S.
I began this journey with the expectation of making a difference in my own life and in turn have positively affected so many others. My product has been called “Miracle in a Jar”, “Liquid Gold” and many other names coined by my satisfied customers. I love hearing the good news from my clients and personally helping them along their journey by one on one contact, and my blog which is continually updated.
In the end the happiness in return is all I actually crave, while you are here please take a look at my testimonial page to see what others have been saying about us. I thank you for visiting my site and hope ‘Ambi Pretty Biznez’ turns out to be the be all and end all to any of your skin concerns; after all our top priority is the ‘Pretty Biznez’. Until next time “Stay Pretty or Else”
Ambi, CEO
Ambi Pretty Biznez, LLC