The Woman Behind the Brand 





From Ambi, CEO and Founder:


I started Pretty Biznez in 2012, and just like many of my clients, I was troubled by various skin conditions. I had major issues with hereditary hyperpigmentation around my eyes and cheekbones and I was looking for a solution that would help correct these issues without harming my skin. I tried to find over the counter products, but none of them worked. I even consulted with a dermatologist, but it seemed the product I desperately needed didn’t exist. 

This started me on my mission to come up with a high quality, luxury skincare solution that would actually work. I spent many hours researching and testing different things, turning my own kitchen into a lab. Eventually, I created what is now known as Pretty Biznez PB Cream. I tested this product on myself for a very long time and when people started noticing and approaching me about my beautiful skin, I knew I’d developed a product worthy of royalty.

Today, Pretty Biznez has grown into an international skincare line with all-natural, quality ingredients. Our products are shipped all over the world, to more than 42 countries and across the US. 

I started this business and began this journey simply trying to change my own life and concept of beauty. In doing so, I inspired and transformed the lives of thousands of others. 

At Pretty Biznez, our mission is to help everyone in the world feel more comfortable in their skin, recognize their own unique beauty, and say goodbye to bad skin days -- once and for all!


Ambi, CEO and Founder

Pretty Biznez, LLC