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skincare ingredient soy

This Skincare Ingredient Has Many Benefits (and Pretty Biznez Uses It)

There’s one skincare ingredient that I want to talk about today, and that’s soy. You heard that right! Soybeans produce more than a tasty milk alternative to add to your morning latte. It also produces a great ingredient for skincare products like those you can find at Pretty Biznez: soya extract.

Soy is a powerful addition to any beauty regimen. Because it is high in nourishing nutrients, soy helps skin stay pretty and gorgeous, just like you want it. These six benefits of soy are just a few more reasons to include it in your skincare regimen.

It Moisturizes and Reduces Oil

For people with combination skin—that is, people who have oily skin with patches of dryness—soy is a miracle worker. Known as a “smart moisturizer,” soy helps to reduce oily areas of skin while moisturizing problem dry areas. The effect is beautiful—even skin tones and soft luxuriant skin texture.

It Reverses Sun Damage

In case you missed it, excessive sun exposure can lead to damage to the skin. Sun damage leads to unsightly skin problems, such as fine lines, blotchiness, roughness, and discoloration. Soy reverses all of these aging and sun exposure problems.

It Fights Wrinkles

What’s worse than looking in the mirror and noticing a new wrinkle? Skincare experts have long sought a way to reverse wrinkles and fine lines, but few skincare ingredients have shown as much promise as soy extract.

It Promotes Firm Skin

When we grow older and our skin gets damaged by the sun and free radicals in the environment, our skin often loses its elasticity, which leads to sagging, puffy skin. Soy helps promote collagen production in the skin, and that means bye-bye sagginess.

It Reduces the Appearance of Breakouts

Soy can take you from feeling self-conscious about a recent breakout to saying, “What breakout?” Because soy promotes even skin tones and fights hyperpigmentation, it is especially beneficial to apply it to acne-prone skin. Even acne scars are no match for it!

It Produces Radiant Skin

Have you ever seen someone walking down the street and thought, “I wish my skin was that radiant?” Chances are good that the person you saw was getting their fair share of vitamin E. Since soy has loads of vitamin E, you can bet that it will help you be a bit more radiant, too.

Find This Powerful Skincare Ingredient in Pretty Biznez Beauty Cream

Are you ready to take your skincare to the next level? Unleash the power of soy extract by trying our Beauty Cream today.

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