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argan oil

Argan Oil? What Is It and What Are the Skin Benefits?

Have you heard of argan oil? If you haven’t, it’s time to listen up. This powerful oil is so good for your skin that once you hear what it is and what it does, you’ll be jumping at the chance to get it.

What Is Argan Oil?

This wonderful oil comes from the seeds of a fruit that grows in Southwest Morocco. In the past, the method used to extract the oil from the seeds was actually pretty nasty—goats would ingest the fruit, seeds and all, and then, the locals would collect their droppings and remove the seeds, roast them, and grind them to get to the oil. Thankfully, the process is different today. To extract the oil, locals extract the seeds from the fruit, grind the kernels inside each seed, knead the result by hand for hours, and finally cold-press the product to remove the oil. This process is so labor-intensive that it can take about three days for one worker to produce a liter of oil. But the effort is really worth it, as you will see.

Argan Oil Skin Benefits

The oil extracted in the process described above has many different skin benefits. Here are a few:

Minimizes the Appearance of Stretch Marks

In a study conducted in 2016, researchers observed the effects of a cream solution containing argan oil on the skin’s appearance. Because the oil helps promote skin elasticity, the results showed that stretch marks faded after topical application.

Heals Razor Bumps

The worst part about shaving is that sometimes you get those nasty bumps. Applying argan oil to frequently shaved areas can actually help to soothe and heal these bumps, as well as prevent in-grown hairs.

Relieves Dermatitis Symptoms

Because this magical oil contains lots of vitamin E, it can also help to relieve symptoms of dermatitis, such as the rashes that form with eczema. It helps with not only the appearance but also the itchy dryness that comes with dermatitis.

Softens Skin

Argan oil helps to promote the natural skin-barrier function, which keeps skin clean and hydrated. If you suffer from hard, cracked skin on your hands or feet, applying a cream that contains this oil can help make those areas soft and sexy.

It’s no secret that argan oil can help make your skin radiant and beautiful. That’s why we include it as one of the powerful ingredients in our Pretty Biznez Beauty Cream. Join the dynasty and get yours today to see the difference it makes!

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