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Are You Ready for Flawless Skin this Spring?

Are You Ready for Flawless Skin this Spring?

Spring is in the air! Are you ready to transform your damaged skin to beautiful and flawless? Spring is the season to give our skin the attention it deserves. As the seasons change so should your skincare. The winter can bring unwanted dryness, and the summer rays and humidity can cause havoc to your pretty skin. Here are a few simple tips to prepare your skin for the next season.


Less is More

Through the cold winter months, your skin can feel extra dry, allowing you to pile on the moisturizer to maintain balance. As the warmer weather approaches, it is time to lessen the amount of moisturizer used to prevent your clogs from getting clogged. Try switching to a gel or oil-free based product to leave your skin feeling light and refreshed. The gel allows the moisture in the air to hydrate your skin naturally.


Scrub Down

The combination of heavy moisturizers and the dry indoor heat can leave skin patchy and dull. As the warmer weather approaches, the extra moisture in the air can stay trapped in your skin, causing dull looking skin. Rejuvenate your skin with a proper exfoliation treatment. Exfoliation allows you to get rid of the unwanted dry skin cells, achieving healthy glowing skin.  


Don’t Forget the SPF

Sunscreen should be applied all year round, but through the warmer months should be used more frequently. As you are likely to be outdoors more in the spring, find the right sunscreen for your skin and apply it often. Sunscreen helps prevent unwanted wrinkles and even decrease the signs of aging, leaving you to have longer lasting beautiful skin.


Spring Clean

Spring cleaning should not only be for housework! Detox your beauty bag this spring. It is time to tone down daily cleanser and try a foaming cleanser instead of a thicker cream. The new cleanser will allow your skin feeling refreshed without stripping it. Go through your makeup bag and throw out unused or unwanted products.


Spring is the time to make over your skin care regimen. If you are ready for flawless, pretty skin all year round, let Pretty Biznez help you.

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